Do you have the job of organising speakers, demonstrations & talks for your local society or group? Are you looking for unusual & interesting topics for your programme? Then I can help as I provide a bespoke service to suit your needs. As an ex-lecturer&  Adult Education tutor I enjoy presenting & meeting people. I am available to do presentations / talks / demonstrations / workshops on:- BACKOFHEAD-Feb2013  

   * Relaxation & Self-Massage       

* Your Health & Wellbeing  

 * Stress Management            

 * Managing Stress


These sessions can be anything from 45mins to 2 hours & include practical ‘hands on’ demonstrations. These sessions have been very well received and I have had good feedback. Comments have included:- 

“I thoroughly enjoyed …. learned lots & will carry on using what you’ve  taught me.”  –  (Participant from a ‘Relaxation Hour’  session) 

“I just wanted to say I have heard back from our W.I. and they wanted to pass on a big thank you to you, and to say how much they enjoyed their evening and thank you for your very interesting talk you gave them.” –  (Secretary of a local WI group)

 “I’m sure you were aware that we were a receptive audience & it was good to  aim to copy the relaxation & pain relieving techniques you demonstrated. Your  hand out was also well received & I’m sure well we will try to follow your  ‘Wellbeing’ tips with good results.”   –  (Secretary of an local  interest group)

“Thank you so much for the very interesting & informative talk…. much  enjoyed by members.”  –  (Secretary of an local interest group)

The techniques you showed me were really useful. I use them often and find them very helpful.” –  (Participant from a large group at a WI meeting)

I always do them before I fall asleep and so have no problems getting to sleep  now. Thanks.”   –  (Participant from a talk)