About Me


I have a lifetime’s experience of holistic massage in everyday use for health and wellbeing and am passionate, therefore about the benefits it brings. I bring a unique South Asian approach to providing treatments to ease tension & stress. 

I offer massage and wellbeing training  for relaxation, managing pain and  everyday wellbeing. I specialise in treating back issues. I work with you to help you to achieve a balance in your life. I am fully qualified with the Massage Training Institute and Gateway Workshop.

I also trained as a  Red Cross therapeutic carer and  I’m an ex-‘EXTEND’ tutor. EXTEND provides exercise for the vulnerable and the elderly. I am a graduate of Mindfulness meditation. I am fully insured with a leading specialist insurance provider, Balens. I have seen the immediate as well as the long term benefits of looking ones health through the workshops & stress management training I have done. This is clear from the feedback and this has made me even more passionate about my job.